Original Article

Analysis of clinical characteristics and treatment of pancreatic cystic tumors

Lei You, Jianchun Xiao, Zhe Cao, Wanying Zhang, Quan Liao, Menghua Dai, Taiping Zhang, Yupei Zhao


Background: To summarize experience in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cystic neoplasms.
Methods: This is a retrospective study of 207 patients who were diagnosed with pancreatic cystic tumors at Peking Union Medical College Hospital between Jan 2009 and Mar 2014. Clinical data, such as clinical manifestations, radiological and pathological images and surgical recordings, were collected.
Results: Of the 207 included patients, females accounted for 76.81%, and the mean patient age was 52.04 years. Malignancy was more common in older patients who presented with marasmus and jaundice. Other risk factors included solid components in the tumor, a large tumor size, and elevated levels of tumor markers. Surgical treatment was required when a malignant tumor was suspected. The operation approach was selected based on the location, size and characteristics of the tumor. The position of the tumor relative to the pancreatic duct also played a significant role.
Conclusions: No specific symptoms were observed for the patients with pancreatic cystic tumors. Imaging played an important role in making a differential diagnosis. Furthermore, surgical treatment should be proposed for patients with significant symptoms and potentially malignant tumors. The tumor resection rate is high, suggestive of good prognosis.