Review Article

Total mesopancreas excision (TMpE) for pancreatic head cancer: analysis of 120 cases

Wenguang Wu, Xu’an Wang, Xiangsong Wu, Maolan Li, Hao Weng, Yang Cao, Ruifa Bao, Sijun Su, Jianhua Lu, Wei Gong, Weibin Shi, Jun Gu, Xuefeng Wang, Yingbin Liu, Zhiwei Quan, Shuyou Peng


Objective: To evaluate the feasibility and safety of total mesopancreas excision (TMpE) in the treatment of pancreatic head cancer.
Methods: The clinical and pathological data of 120 patients with pancreatic head cancer who had undergone TMpE in our center from May 2010 to January 2014 were retrospectively analyzed.
Results: The mean operative time was (275±50.2) min and the average intra-operative blood loss was (390±160.5) mL. Post-operative complications were reported in 45 patients, while no peri-operative death was noted. The specimen margins were measured in three dimensions, and 86 patients (71.6%) achieved R0 resection.
Conclusions: TMpE is safe and feasible for pancreatic head cancer and is particularly helpful to increase the R0 resection rate.