Review Article

Radical nerve dissection for the carcinoma of head of pancreas: report of 30 cases

Qing Lin, Langping Tan, Yu Zhou, Quanbo Zhou, Rufu Chen


Objective: To explore the clinical value of the radical nerve dissection (RND) for the carcinoma of head of pancreas (CHP).
Methods: The clinical and pathological data of 30 CHP patients who underwent RND in our hospital were retrospectively analyzed, with an attempt to explore the safety and short-term efficacy of this procedure.
Results: Among these 30 patients, the operative time was (351±61) min, the intra-operative blood loss was (418±265) mL, and the grades B and C pancreatic fistula was 23.33%. During the follow-up (range: 2-30 months; median: 17 months), the 1-year survival rate was 63.33% and the 1-year disease-free survival rate was 56.67%. Among the 23 patients (76.66%) with positive extra-pancreatic perineural invasion (PNI), the 1-year case-fatality rate was 34.78%, which was not significantly different from that (28.57%) of patients with negative PNI (P=0.760).
Conclusions: Compared with the Whipple operation, RND will not increase the surgery-associated risks in CHP patients; rather, it can improve the prognoses of these patients.